Battlefield 2142 post GameSpy

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Battlefield 2142 post GameSpy

Post by RudeRen » Fri Oct 16, 2020 12:20 pm

Welcome all gaming Veterans!!

Old-School Mercenarys now host Ranked Battlefield 2142 servers and Master-Stats server.
Anyone with the game can play, rank up and collect awards like you did before.
If you fancy a bit of nostalgia your welcome to join up!

Quick steps:
1. Get a legal copy of Battlefield 2142 and patch update to version 1.51.
(make sure to install PunkBuster when prompted)
2. Register account with Old-School Mercenarys to gain access to the downloads.
(Please be patient as admin will have to authorize your account)
3. Download 'Team UKoM BF2142 Game Patch Windows v1.1', required to connect to our servers.
(details on how to patch your game and pre-setup instructions are included)

All patches and updates are available from the downloads section once you have an account.
All stats and awards you ern, including in Coop mode, you keep. Check the BFHQ in game.
Alternative to BFHQ, you can check your player stats here:
To get you started and make it interesting every player gets 20 unlocks upfront.
The ability to add your own ranked servers will be available soon!

If you have any setup problems please submit your query in the Battlefield 2142 forum.

- Team UKoM


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